Borderlands 3: In-Game Bonus By Participating In The Crypt Insider Program

While waiting for May 1 to show us the first Borderlands 3 gameplay trailer, the leaders of Gearbox Software illustrate in detail the terms and bonuses provided for those who will participate in the Crypt Insider program, a promotional initiative aimed at all fan of this iconic FPS sci-fi series.

The Insider of the Crypt of the VIP Program Borderlands 3 points and get rewards through the simple enrollment in the program and taking actions such as watching videos, reading articles and check out the latest updates to Borderlands through the major social networks.

The rewards promised to us by Gearbox include wallpapers for your smartphone and objects, both gaming and non-game, that will range from golden keys to customizations for the equipment of your Crypt Hunter.

Once registered, following the instructions provided by the American authors on the official website of Borderlands, the Crypt Insiders will get a Welcome Package containing a MOD Rare Level Grenade, a Rare Shield MOD and a VIP Weapon Pendant.

All exclusive items unlocked by participants in the Crypt Insider program can be redeemed at the launch of Borderlands 3, scheduled for September 13 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. In the meantime, we leave you to our in-depth article dedicated to the explosive return of the Gearbox series and to the video diary created by the Randy Pitchford team to retrace the fundamental steps in the history of Borderlands.