Days Gone

Days Gone: New Gameplay Trailer Awaiting The Launch Scheduled For April 26th

While waiting for Days Gone to finally arrive on PlayStation 4, the authors of Sony Bend make a new short 30-second game video that helps to outline the narrative and playful framework of this ambitious post-apocalyptic adventure.

In the long period of development of the new dark-hued intellectual property of the software house that gave rise to the never-forgotten Siphon Filter series, the team headed by John Garvin has been spent offering us as much information as possible about Deacon St. John’s character , about the free-roaming dynamics related to the free exploration of the game world and the accurate management system of the infected hordes .

From the motivations that push the protagonist to spend himself to ensure the survival of the people who escaped the zombie apocalypse to the symbiosis between the hero and his bike to celebrate the culture of bikers, Days Gone seems to really have all the cards to meet the needs open-world action enthusiasts and survival horror experiences.

The launch of Days Gone is instead scheduled for April 26, obviously exclusively on PlayStation 4 and PS4 PRO.

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