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Fortnite: Guide To All Real Aviation Challenges

They are now available all the challenges of the new event Royal Air Force of Fortnite Season 8. In this mini-guide, we explain how to complete them all, in order to get the relative rewards.

Below we list all the challenges of the Royal Aviation Fortnite Season 8 event, explaining how to complete them. In brackets, we report the various rewards associated with each challenge.

Inflict damage to opposing Stormwings with a sub-machine gun or machine gun (0 / 4,000) (500 XP)

You will start the game armed with sub-machine guns, so we advise you to use it immediately to inflict the first damage. By opening the sky chests you can get the machine gun, an even more powerful weapon that will allow you to inflict more damage more quickly.

Collect sky chests of a different rarity as the pilot (0/5) (500 XP)

In this case, you will have to collect five treasure chests of different rarity. To do this, just cross the colored circles with the treasure chest icon in the center: common (white), uncommon (green), rare (blue), epic (red) and legendary (gold).

Play Real Aviation games (0/7) (Alias Skull Cover)

All you have to do is start seven Real Aviation games and complete them, in order to get the Alias Skull Cover.

Inflict damage on opposing Stormwings with guns (0 / 2,000) (500 XP)

Use guns to inflict 2,000 damage to enemies. To facilitate the task, try to upgrade the guns by collecting the sky coffers.

Destroy the opposing Stormwing (0/5) (500 XP)

Destroy five Stormwing adversaries with your weapons. A rather simple challenge that you will be able to complete in a short time during the Royal Aviation games.

Survive your opponents in Real Aviation mode (0/100) (Alias Falcone Cover)

This challenge requires you to survive 100 opponents during the Royal Aviation matches. Being a cumulative target, you will be able to reach it by completing a series of games.

Inflict adversary Stormwing damage with an assault rifle (0 / 5,000) (500 XP)

In this case, you will have to upgrade your Stormwing’s weapons until you get an assault rifle. After getting it, all you have to do is inflict 5,000 damage on your opponents.

Inflict damage with upgraded Stormwing weapons (0 / 4,000) (500 XP)

This challenge may be slightly more challenging than others. Although upgraded weapons can do more damage, they are generally more difficult to use. Collect the sky treasure chests, upgrade your weapons and hit precise shots to inflict 4,000 damage.

Positioned in the top 5 in Real Aviation (0/3) (Cover Alias Lupo)

To complete the last challenge you will need to position yourself among the top 5 players in at least three Real Aviation games. If you have any difficulty achieving this goal, ask some friends for help to adopt a good team strategy, so that they can survive their opponents and place themselves more easily in the top 5.

Complete all the challenges of Real Aviation (0/9) (Cover Alias Calabrone)

By completing all the Royal Aviation challenges, you will be rewarded with the Alias Carbone Cover. We remind you that the event will be available to all Fortnite Season 8 players until April 24th.

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