Fortnite: Sanctum and Malevolence Skins Available in the Easter Monday Store

Fortnite Sanctum

After offering us the Castore costume to celebrate Easter together with all the explorers of the island of Fortnite Battaglia Reale, the authors of Epic invite us to spend Easter Monday to waste our heritage in V-bucks with new objects and costumes for all tastes.

Collectors of legendary costumes will be happy to find in the digital shop window of the Fortnite shop the Malevolent skin and its decorative bat-shaped back in a tempting 2,000 VB package, with the added possibility of completing the collection with the addition of the proposed Ax of Fire at the price of 1,200 V-Bucks.

Here then is the complete list of Highlights and Daily items in the Fortnite Battaglia Reale shop for today, Monday 22 April :

Featured Items

  • Sanctum – costume and decorative back – 1,500 VB
  • Malevolence – costume and decorative back – 2.000 VB
  • Heat – coverage – 500 VB
  • Crescent Moon – collection tool – 1,200 VB
  • Ax of Fire – collection tool – 1,200 VB

Daily Items

  • Archetype – costume – 1,500 VB
  • Oscilla – emote – 500 VB
  • Giramondo – hang glider – 500 VB
  • Collect Squeak – collection tool – 1,500 VB
  • Reconnaissance of the Jungle – costume – 800 VB
  • Shaolin seat – emote – 800 VB

As for the latest news coming from the island of Fortnite, we inform all fans of the battle royale of Epic Games that the second recently appeared Rune on Lali Letali has rejoined with the mysterious bunker of Shores of the Sacking and revived the caldera of the volcano emerged at the beginning of Season 8: that this is the first sign of the arrival of an Alien Invasion with the launch of Season 9?