Half-Life 2 as Titanfall: The New Mod Adds Wall Running!

After several months of development, the modder “Rob” finally publishes his Half-Life 2 mod that updates its gameplay dynamics with the introduction of a feature much loved by Titanfall fans, namely the recently seen Wall Running in the announcement trailer for Jedi Fallen Order.

The 2.0 version of Rob ‘s Mobility Mod overturns the shooter mechanics and the Half-Life 2 motion system by allowing users to take short shots on the walls and hit their opponents while moving quickly from one side to the other map running on the walls through the well-established formula of Wall Running borrowed from parkour.

Within the additional amateur package, which can be downloaded for free from the ModDB pages, we also find new controls for hand-to-hand attacks, a graphical interface revised and corrected for wall running, new animations for one’s alter ego and, if needed, a handy tutorial to learn the basics of the new movement and combat system. In the video, you find at the top of the news we are offered a quick demonstration of the innovations introduced by this project.

The mod in question, being dedicated exclusively to the dynamics of gameplay, turns out to be perfectly compatible with other graphics mods as the last high definition texture package created by TheCynicMimic which, using a Neural IA , was able to improve the appearance of the characters , monsters, settings and equipment elements of Valve’s shooter masterpiece.