Rockstar: More Games In Development, A New Title Will Be Released Soon?


After the release of Red Dead Redemption 2, rumors about new Rockstar Games projects started appearing everywhere. The wait for their new game is always very high, but we all know that Rockstar tends to concentrate on a single work of colossal dimensions and therefore always have to spend many years between one project and the next. Now, however, information has emerged that makes us think differently.

A Reddit user has in fact discovered the resume of an animator, Abhinav Raj Karanwal, who works at Rockstar India and has contributed to Red Dead Redemption 2. Through this, we can read that Karanwal is working as a senior animator on several unannounced console projects. Unfortunately, there are no other details on this, but this leads us to think that at least one of them could arrive relatively soon.

In fact, starting from the assumption that what is reported in the curriculum of the animator is correct, we must ask ourselves what the developer is working on. To start, we all take GTA 6 for granted, especially after the success of the fifth chapter. It is hardly credible, however, that a project of this magnitude can arrive on our consoles in the short term, as much as rumors want it ready for 2020.

The project destined to see the light first could be Bully 2. The game has been at the center of various rumors in recent months, according to which Rockstar is hiring voice actors to work on the title. Furthermore, assuming a structure similar to that of the first chapter, Bully 2 would be a game with much smaller dimensions and ambitions than a Grand Theft Auto or a Red Dead Redemption. It is credible that a game of this type is being developed at the same time as the second work of greater scope.

Obviously, these are pure speculations, but E3 2019 is close: a big announcement could be in Rockstar’s plans. If you want to know which are the confirmed games and those rumored for the next Los Angeles festival, you can discover them at this address. Tell us, how much do you want a Bully 2?