Rocksteady’s Suicide Squad: According to Rumors, the Announcement Would Be Imminent

On the basis of the latest rumors about the recursive network in these hours, the heads of the Rocksteady studios would now be about to officially announce the chatted Suicide Squad project.

On the portals of ResetEra and 4chan the promotional image of a (very little) mysterious project linked to the DC Comics universe entitled “Outlaws” is circulating, with the world premiere set for Friday 26 April: in the image in question we can observe the Gotham City skyline, or at least that’s what is suggested by the unmistakable presence of Wayne Enterprises’ skyscraper.

The anonymous source of this leak, however, invites us to wait until this afternoon, April 22, to receive more information on this title: in his opinion, in fact, over the next few hours the social channels of Rocksteady and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment should take action to revive this same image and, consequently, to formalize the development of their new video game.

Reconnecting this rumor to the indiscretions of the last few weeks to recompose the rumor puzzle, all (or almost) the advances on the Suicide Squad project agree in describing it as a title devoted to cooperative and competitive multiplayer immersed in a dimension of continuous development , along the lines of projects like Destiny, Anthem and The Division.