sekiro shadows die twice 1.03

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice: 1.03 Update Coming on PC, PS4 and Xbox One

Without resting on the laurels of the extraordinary welcome received from enthusiasts and the sector press, the From Software guys are working hard to improve Sekiro Shadows Die Twice and prepare to launch the 1.03 update on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

As illustrated by the Japanese authors on the pages of the official website of Sekiro, the update in question does not “only” solve the bugs encountered by the users but promises to expand the range of options available to the Wolf emulators to complete its mission of revenge against the lieutenants and thugs of the Ashina clan.

One of the aspects on which the team led by Hidetaka Miyazaki focused more on the 1.03 update is that of the Prosthetic Instruments, with a reformulation of the cost in Spiritual Emblems of the fighting arts and more efficient use of related skills, precisely, to use of Wolf’s prosthetic arm in battle.

Other interventions carried out by From Software include the damage reduction Posture inflicted by some Fighting Arts (a modification counterbalanced by the increased damage of the second part of the combo), as well as the enlargement of the poison accumulation caused by the instrument “Sabimaru” prosthetic and the addition of new textual tutorials in the loading screens.

While waiting to be able to download the new update and receive your opinion on the work done by the Japanese developers with this update.

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