Apex Legends: Sloops In Twitch Views, Constant Fortnite


Apex Legends, when it was launched in surprise in early February, literally exploded. Over twenty-five million players in just over two weeks and millions of hours of views on Twitch.

Now, however, it appears that the visualizations have been considerably reduced during the month of March. Apex Legends, in essence, has lost about 75% of its Twitch views in the second month on the market, while Fortnite has remained a title of admirable consistency, according to StreamElements.

A graph compares the performance of the two titles over the course of about six weeks of activity. Only the second-week Apex Legends reached a peak of over 40 million hours of Twitch views. But it sank, losing nearly thirty million hours on Twitch before the week of March 11th.

Fortnite, on the other hand, continues to remain at the top with around 20 million hours, both in February and in March. It, therefore, appears that the players are rapidly losing interest in Apex Legends, despite its initial success.

Fortnite has fallen below 100 million hours of total Twitch views for February, for the first time in months of absolute domination. In this case, the launch of Apex Legends has given us a hand. The problem, however, is that after the exploit the title of Respawn was not reconfirmed, highlighting some gaps that would be well removed soon, among which the lack of variety and other problems complained by the players and not yet heard by stands out. EA and Respawn.