Banned From The PSN For Racist Insults, A Player Lost Access To His Library


According to GameRant and OneAngryGamer, a user known as “Rob” was recently banned from PSN and as a result of this event, he lost access to his entire library of digital games.

Let’s recap: Rob (fictitious name) seems to have offended various people with racist insults, using phrases to promote white supremacy over other ethnicities. Rob has violated not only several federal laws in North America but also Sony’s PlayStation Network regulations, hence obviously the decision to ban him from the service for an unspecified period of time.

The user accepted the punishment but complained that he could no longer access his catalog of regularly purchased digital games. In any case, Rob said he wanted to ” continue to reaffirm the supremacy of the white race as soon as I can go back to using the service, even if this means exposing myself to a permanent ban.

Definitive ban that, at this point, could arrive very soon for the user in question.