Electronic Arts Shares at Risk Due to Apex Legends

Apex Legends Fortnite

Apex Legends will kill Fortnite, this is the opinion of many analysts between February and March, when Respawn’s game reached its peak, managing to overcome the Epic Games Battle Royale in Google searches and in YouTube and Twitch views. But the situation seems to have changed.

Apex Legends is in crisis, I say the numbers, in sharp decline compared to last month and above all significantly lower than those recorded by Fortnite. To date, the trend of Apex Legends has dropped considerably as far as searches on Google are concerned and even the views on Twitch have collapsed, moreover, the game has to count with a hemorrhage of players that has seen millions of users abandon Apex shortly after the beginning of Season 1. Just Season 1 seems to have pushed the players away, the season started late and unfortunately did not bring enough content to keep the community alive.

Analysts are now worried about this situation and are expecting a drop in Electronic Arts shares, a decline that has not yet occurred even though forecasts point in this direction. It does not help the opinion of the pro player and streamer like Dr. DisRespect, which predicted for Apex Legends an end similar to that of H1Z1.