Fortnite: It’s Dino Mania In The Store, New Skins, Covers, Skins And Picks Arrive


Abandon the Easter-themed skins, the Fortnite shop is updated with many objects dedicated to dinosaurs, including skins, covers, hang-gliders, and pickaxes, below all the news of today, Tuesday, April 23, 2019.

Among the new contents we find the legendary Rex skin for sale at 2,000 V-Buck, the Tricera Ops costume (Legendary, 2,000 V-Buck), the Extra Cheese hang gliders (1,200 V-Buck), Flying Saucer (Epico, 1,200 V-Buck ) and Pterodactyl (Epico, 1,200 V-Buck), the skins Re del Manzo (Epica, 1,500 V-Buck) and Testa di Pomodoro (1,500 V-Buck, Epico), the Bitemark pickaxes (Epico, 1,200 V-Buck), Axeroni (800 V-Buck) and Patty Whacker (Uncommon, 500 V-Buck), the Llamacadabra (800 V-Buck) and Overdrive (Rara, 500 V-Buck) and the Dynamo costume (1,200 V-Buck) , Scarlet Defender (800 V-Buck) and finally the Dino (300 V-Buck) and Triassic (300 V-Buck) covers.

The one that has just begun is an important week for the Epic Games Battle Royale, which from April 25th will host the Fortnite x Avengers EndGame crossover event dedicated to the new Marvel movie. Also in the next few hours, the update 8.50 should also appear, bringing with it a resolution of bugs, corrections, and technical improvements.