Fortnite: Mouse Against Controller, Ninja Reopens The Eternal Discussion

Fortnite NINJA

The eternal conflict between mouse and keyboard and console controllers reopens. According to PC gamers, using a console controller could give an unfair advantage over those using traditional peripherals.

The console players, as we have already seen in the past taking up the criticisms of Tfue and Myth, can in fact enjoy an assist at aim which would help them to take the shots without necessarily being as precise as on PC. Furthermore, there are also players who obviously use a console controller on a PC.

Ninja is one of those who openly criticized this practice and said that the discussion on the subject must surely be reopened. Ninja in life referred to the practice of spam with the controller’s left trigger, used to aim.

In this way, players using a controller would be enormously advantaged. ” It’s such a delicate subject. I love console games. I’m from the console. But when on PC you have the possibility to manage the frames and you also have the aiming aid with the controller … “.

Certainly a topic of no small importance, considering that the qualifications for the finals of the Fortnite World Cup have already begun. In addition to the problem of cheaters, Epic Games may have to run for cover also with regards to the control system, putting a brake on this practice of exploiting PC controllers. You can watch the twitch video.