Fortnite Season 9: The Chance to Give the Battle Pass as a Gift?

Fortnite Season 9

According to reports from the FNBRLeaks and Guille_GAG leakers, during the Fortnite Season 9, the possibility of giving the Battle Pass to a second player, through the Gifts system, will be introduced.

References to this possibility have been found in the source code of the latest updates, with which Epic is preparing the ground in view of Fortnite Season 9, starting in early May. The Gifts option debuted at the end of last year but was only available for a week, then later reintroduced earlier this month, again only for a limited period.

With the arrival of the new season, the Gifts will probably become part of the Fortnite options menu, with the possibility, as mentioned, of giving not only cosmetic items (skins, hang gliders, covers, backs) but also the Battle Pass, in any case, we are waiting to learn more.

This week Epic Games should publish the Fortnite update 8.50, which is expected to arrive between today and tomorrow, and on Thursday, April 25th the Fortnite x Avengers EndGame crossover event will officially begin.