Kingdom Hearts 3, Little Nightmares And The Crew 2 In The Deals Of Gold Of The Week

Deals With Gold

The return of the Deals with Gold Microsoft and this week there is really good news for gamers who intend to recover some important period of the previous titles to a more than attractive price offered by the software giant.

We are talking about games with Kingdom Hearts 3, Little Nightmares and The Crew 2, three titles that will surely make your mouth water for many, also considering the price at which they are offered.

Let’s start with the first, without a doubt the best known: Kingdom Hearts 3 is the highly anticipated (it must be said!) Third chapter of the Square Enix saga that also includes Disney characters. It is also a great time to take it, given the arrival of the critical more planned for today. For more information on our website, there is our review of Kingdom Hearts 3.

Little Nightmares is instead a platform by Bandai Namco with dark tones and memorable atmospheres. It has recently passed the milestone of one million copies sold and has also landed on Nintendo Switch. 

The Crew 2 is instead an arcade racing game by Ubisoft that will certainly please lovers of the genre. Also in this case, on our site you will find the review of The Crew 2, to get an idea of ​​the game.

All the rest of the catalog of offers is available on the website of Major Nelson. What do you think? Will you take advantage of it?