Mortal Kombat 11 Krypt Guide: Key Objects, How To Unlock All Areas


The Krypt is back in Mortal Kombat 11 with new rewards to unlock for players. In this mini-guide, we will explain how to find the key objects needed to access all areas of the Krypt.

La Krypt is the place to visit to unlock new fatality/brutality, alternative costumes and more. The island is full of puzzles, locked doors, and boxes to open. To help you find everything, below we explain where to find the key elements needed to unlock all areas of Krypt.

Where to find the key objects of the Krypt of Mortal Kombat 11

Shao Kahn
it’s Hammer Shao Kahn ‘s Hammer is located near the entrance to the crypt and will give you access to most of the surface areas of the island. You can’t do absolutely without it.

Horn of Motaro
To access the crypts it is necessary to acquire the Horn of Motaro. Go to the Warrior’s Reliquary and destroy the meteorite (which lands in a movie) to collect the Gem of the Living. Return to the Courtyard and break through the Gong’s room on the east side. There is a closed door here that requires the Gem of the Living. Return to the Vault through this door and use the switch. Here you will find the Horn of Motaro. Use it to unlock underground areas.

Amulet of the souls of Ermac
At the Tana di Goro, you control the south-west corner, finding the room that leads to a circular room. Take the elevator to reach the Lower Fossa. Down below, Ermac will fall on its toes – take his Amulet of souls to unlock the power to control souls. With the Amulet, you can unlock the objects of bright green Krypt. You can also reach new areas by spending a certain amount of souls. You can use the Amulet of souls to repair the bridge in the pit at the cost of 1,000 souls.

Spear of Hanzo Hasashi
This object is located in the armory, through the corridor behind the body of Goro in the Throne Room of Goro. The lance can be hurled to unlock new routes. For example, you can use the lance to break the lanterns at the Ponte di Legno.

Kenshi Bandage
This special bandage allows us to look into the realm of spirits, making invisible places/objects visible. To find the bandage, travel to the prisons through the rightmost corridor in the Throne Room of Goro. Use the bandage wherever you have been before, to reveal new walls to shatter.

All the rest
Many of the other objects needed to progress in Krypt are obtained by chance. These objects appear when you open the crates, or as a reward for completing the challenges of the Tower of Time. You will only have to continue playing and return to Krypt after finding the corresponding key elements.

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