Phoenix Point: Did Epic Pay Over Two Million Dollars For The Exclusive?

Phoenix Point

Phoenix Point is the new game by Julian Gollop, father of XCOM: the producer recently announced a special with Epic to make the PC version of the title available exclusively on Epic Games Store. So far nothing strange, except that the agreement seems to have cost over two million dollars at the Fortnite house.

After the announcement of Snapshot Games relating to the exclusive Phoenix Point for Epic Games Store the community has turned up its nose and has given rise to numerous controversies, in all this has also intervened a financier of the project on FIG , which revealed of having obtained a gain of 191% compared to the amount invested.

But Snapshot Games is a small independent studio, where could you have found this huge amount of money? Apparently from the flow paid by Epic Games for the exclusivity on its store, amounting to $2,247,058 according to the calculations of some financiers of the game. Earnings from the Xbox Game Store and Xbox Game Pass are excluded from this figure.

Julian Gollop repeatedly defended the agreement signed with Epic Games, without however revealing the figures at stake, however declaring himself very satisfied with the terms of the contract, which leaves his company-wide creative and commercial freedom.