Super Smash Bros Melee: Wins Tournament, They Throw A Crab At Him


That the public of some event often enjoys throwing objects on stage is certainly not a novelty. From simple notes reserved for the star of the moment, to the now proverbial bras to throw like a heirloom to his favorite rock star, the practice for as long as it is inadvisable is known.

What happened to the Super Smash pro player Bros. Melee, HBox, brings to mind memories of Bransoniana memory, since he was thrown at him … a dead crab.

The uncivilized gesture was made at the end of a sweaty challenge against Joseph “Mango” Marquez. The player was turning to him for a post-game handshake when he was hit right behind by a spectator, who was then identified and removed from the audience.

Juan Debiedma, the real name of Hungrybox, recounted what had happened in a tweet, apologizing for losing the aplomb, which was quite understandable given how successful it was. Debiedma is probably the strongest Smash player in circulation, and perhaps, for this reason, he is not very well seen by the community, but above all because of the character he uses most often: the pokémon Jigglypuff, which according to part of the same community, would be a choice too defensive and not brave.

Not enough though, to justify the launch of dead animals on the stage of an event …

Meanwhile, the last incarnation of Nintendo’s brawler period of great news: it’s the first DLC dedicated to Joker of Person 5, and is coming to the special event ” Castlevania: Symphony of Spirits .”