Will Gran Turismo 7 Be One Of The PS5 Launch Games?

Gran Turismo 7

Racing game fanatics, be prepared to turn on the engines: according to a report by a European developer who remained anonymous, it seems that Gran Turismo 7 is already in development, and could even be one of the launch titles for PlayStation 5.

The latest incarnation of the game by Polyphony Digital , by Kazunori Yamauchi , is dated 2017 with Gran Turismo Sport , which was not received with great enthusiasm by critics, nor by its fans, being a title that especially winks at the ‘online, with little in the way of fire as regards the historic single player career mode of the game. The last game of the series with its official numbering is Gran Turismo 6, which dates back to the now distant 2013.

However, this is one of the historic PlayStation brands and one of the most appreciated, so it would not be surprising if it really were among the videogames present at the launch of the new Sony console, as well as being a guarantee of sales especially with a return of the career mode in Gran Turismo 7 as we are used to understanding it, racing games are an excellent opportunity to show the graphics power of PS5.

The news, however, must be taken however with the proverbial pincers, given that to date no title of the saga has ever been used as a launching title for a new console. This is certainly a suggestive rumor, which will please fans of the saga and motorsport in general. What do you think? Will we really see Gran Turismo 7 at the dawn of the new PlayStation?