Will PS5 Be Equipped With The Amd Gonzalo SoC? The Digital Foundry Theory

Will PS5 Be Equipped With The Amd Gonzalo SoC

Will PlayStation 5 mount an AMD Gonzalo SoC? The answer may not be entirely negative, at least according to some hypotheses and theories developed by Digital Foundry technicians.

On Twitter, a leaker talked about AMD Gonzalo SoC of PS5, the source proved authoritative in the past, revealing the arrival of Final Fantasy XV on PC before the others, hence Digital Foundry’s decision to grant credit to what, for now, however, it remains a corridor voice.

DF tried to analyze the situation, declaring ” not impossible ” the adoption of Gonzalo, SoC that presents a basic clock of the GPU at 1 GHz (maximum 1.8 GHz), effectively doubling the frequencies compared to those mounted on PlayStation 4 PRO. The GPU should instead be equipped with 64 CU (Compute Unit) almost double if compared to the 36 of PS4 PRO. Digital Foundry also specifies that the Ryzen eight-core CPU based on Zen 2 architecture with a 7-nanometer processor could run at 3.2 GHz.

We look forward to any clarifications, at the time Sony has disclosed only part of the PS5 technical specifications while the official and definitive features should be announced during a special presentation event, presumably scheduled for the coming months.