Fortnite X Avengers: When Will the 8.50 Update Be Released?

Fortnite X Avengers

Fortnite players are looking forward to the new update 8.50 scheduled for this week but still at large. While we are writing Epic Games has not announced any details about the date and time of publication of the patch, so let’s try to clarify.

It seems unlikely that the update 8.50 could arrive today (Wednesday, April 24) because on the social channels of the company no message was published regarding the possible downtime, which following the tradition.

The most probable hypothesis is that the update 8.50 could debut on Thursday, April 25th together with the new Fortnite x Avengers event, on the occasion of the release of Avengers EndGame in American cinemas (the film will be on show here today). The patch should bring with it the Avengers event, bug fixes, and technical problems and the new Week 9 challenges, the last ones before the end of Season 8.

The situation is not too clear and therefore we are talking about simple hypotheses, waiting for Epic Games to reveal the first official details about the publication of the long-awaited Fortnite update 8.50.