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Nintendo Switch Mini Will Be Released by the End of June, New Confirmations Emerge

Two sources apparently well informed about the facts have revealed to the financial newspaper Bloomberg the existence of a new model of Nintendo Switch coming out soon, presumably within the next two months …

According to reports, Nintendo Switch Mini (temporary name), will be released by the end of June and the Chinese companies entrusted with the Kyoto house would be ready to begin mass production of this new model, called ” a modest upgrade compared to the original model “, which should, however, be sold at a lower price, probably by removing the dock and presenting a slight redesign.

The sources denied the existence of a Nintendo Switch PRO, confirming that “a more powerful model is not currently in the works “. Currently, the company has not announced any new Switch models, but it is possible that the first details on this may arrive tomorrow (Thursday, April 25) when the shareholders’ meeting will be held to illustrate the plans for the current fiscal year that will end April 1, 2020

Will Nintendo Switch Mini be presented tomorrow and will it be released by the end of June? We’ll know more in the next few hours

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