Will the New Call of Duty 2019 Be Announced Soon?

New Call of Duty

When will Call of Duty 2019 be announced? Probably soon, at least judging by some rumors that emerged in the past few hours: what par Activision held a special event reserved for partners, VIPs and influencers by providing a build of the new COD.

From the private event no information has obviously been leaked, but on the social networks many have claimed to have ” tried the new Call of Duty”, the marketing machine has been set in motion and it is therefore likely that the announcement may take place very soon.

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 was presented with a teaser in March 2018 and announced with great pomp in May, to then arrive in stores in October, it is possible that Activision can follow the same scheme, presenting COD 2019 between late April and early May.

The new Call of Duty 2019 will be developed by Infinity Ward and will have the single player campaign, this is all that we currently know about the project, we look forward to any official announcements from developers and publishers.