Fortnite Battle Royal: Here Are The Innovations Introduced By The 8.50 Update!

Fortnite Battle Royal

As promised, Epic Games is ready to offer players the Fortnite 8.50 update, which brings many new features into the Battle Royale mode.

One of these is certainly the start of the rumored Fortnite X Avengers crossover event: a new and special MAT was unleashed on the island of the game. In honor of the recent debut in the Avengers halls: Endgame, Thanos and the Infinity Gems become the protagonists: here are all the details on Fortnite’s MAT Endgame!

The 8.50 Fortnite Battaglia Reale update has also brought with it numerous bug fixes and improvements related to weapons and game objects. Among these, there are some related to the mechanics of restart vans:

  • The vehicles were not pushed away by pulses from the restart van.
  • The collision of the restart van did not affect some vehicles, allowing them to hide inside the van itself.
  • The yellow “invulnerability” effect did not appear on the players who were revived by the restart van.
  • The restart card continued to play the regeneration sound even if the player had disconnected.
  • Players could not see the plaque with a teammate’s name on the restart tab in the interface.
  • Players did not release the reboot card if they were eliminated after confirming a reboot, but before the teammate regenerated.

Also solved a problem that “prevented assigning the right amount of PE Survival after matches”. In this regard, the team states: “We have granted PE gifts to the players involved. You will receive this reimbursement through the gift system “. 

Finally, in terms of Fortnite competitions, the dates are 27 and 28 April: Week 3 of the open online Fortnite World Cup.