Fortnite Creative: Game Round And Phase Mode With The 8.50 Update

Fortnite Creative

In addition to the timed mode dedicated to Avengers Endgames and its heroes (including Thanos), Fortnite update 8.50 also introduces important innovations for the Creative mode that will help make it even deeper and, hopefully, fun.

The first of these changes concern the Game Rounds, with new settings that will allow users to add more shifts to their game, for example by modifying the “rules of engagement” for each round or by customizing the parameters necessary to achieve victory.

The other big news of Fortnite Creative update 8.50 consists in adding the Phase Mode: thanks to it, users can activate or deactivate collisions with objects that populate the game world. In this way, those who want will be able to create activities in which they can cross each land and move objects without any constraint linked to the architectural structures of their custom map.

Also within the new update we find then the new prefabricated Pirate Ship , the addition of two new Isola portals in the Creative Center and Playground and the reduction from 8 to 6 of the player’s Isola portals in the Creative Center, plus a whole series of corrective actions that solve the bugs reported by the community and make further improvements to Fortnite Creative .

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