Fortnite Endgame: The New Avengers Event Kicks Off, All The Details!

Fortnite Endgame

With the release of the 8.50 Fortnite update, Epic Games officially presents Endgame, Fortnite Battaglia Reale’s timed mode centered on the heroes and villains of the latest movie blockbuster on the Avengers set in the Marvel universe.

In this MAT accessible to all the explorers of the island of Fortnite starting today, April 25th, Thanos and his Chitauri invade the map in search of the six Gems of Infinity. In Endgame, the team of heroes must face the powerful Thanos to prevent him from conquering the Gems: each team regenerates on elimination until the opposing faction manages to accomplish its objective.

As we can easily imagine, on the one hand, we will find the team of Heroes and on the other the thugs in the wake of Thanos: the heroes begin with a treasure map that leads directly to a mythical object of the Avengers, while the other objects can be found in the chests scattered on the map.

The ultimate goal of the hero team, therefore, is to destroy the Chitauri army: the creatures following Thanos can start the battle with a powerful laser rifle, a grenade anti-structure attack and a jetpack that allows them to fly for short periods. Whoever manages to conquer an Infinity Gem will be transformed into Thanos and will be able to use a powerful punch, a laser attack and the possibility of performing very high destructive leaps.

Each type of Gemma will guarantee specific upgrades :

  • Gem of Reality (red) = health and doubled shields (1000 -> 2000)
  • Soul Gem (orange) = activated absorption (gives Thanos only shields)
  • Gemma of the Mind (yellow) = doubles the height of the jumps
  • Space Gem (blue) = triples the area of Earth’s Crash, damage x6
  • Gem of Time (green) = considerable rejection added to each hit, damage x3
  • Power Gem (purple) = x6 laser damage

The elimination of Thanos from the game determines the transformation of one of the other Chitauri into him: the conquest of all the Infinity Gems by Thanos members will lead to the victory of the latter.