Days Gone: Where To Find Gasoline To Refuel With The Bike

Days Gone

The world of Days Gone is a dangerous and inhospitable place. You will ride it on your inseparable motorcycle, and to do so you will need a good supply of fuel. In this mini-guide, we will tell you the easiest ways to find gasoline stocks in the game.

By following our instructions, you will not run out of fuel, a risk that we strongly advise you not to run if you care about your survival.

Where to find gas in Days Gone

The fuel is inside the red containers. Once collected it must be transported and then transferred to your bike. Here are all the places where you can find gas in Days Gone:

  • In the various tow trucks scattered around the map
  • In gas pumps and service stations
  • Near the Black checkpoints
  • Near areas with a high concentration of buildings

The tow truck is the best option

The best way to get fuel in the Days Gone exploration phase is to find the tow trucks along the main road. They are easy to find, and inside you will always find gas containers to take to your bike.

Replenish your bike at service stations

Exploring the game world you will have the chance to fill up, filling your tank with water to the brim. Look for the petrol station icons on the map, drive up there and press Circle to fill up.