Death Stranding: Lots Of News About The Game From Hideo Kojima. New Info In A Month?


Hideo Kojima held the panel announced a few weeks ago at the Tribeca Film Festival along with Norman Reedus and Geoff Keighley, where they talked about the mix between traditional film and game design that generated Death Stranding, and some information about the game.

As is traditional for Hideo Kojima, don’t expect some kind of revelation, since the Japanese game designer seems to have decided to reveal novelties with the dropper, but something interesting has emerged.

First of all the artist talked about how Death Stranding is an open world, but it will add something completely new to the genre as we know it. According to Kojima, it is more difficult to tell a story in an open-world title, because there are too many things to balance: the freedom of the player and the freedom of movement for example, and all this will then have to interface with the narrative.

The theme of the connection will be the leitmotif of the game: the author has used the internet as a metaphor, explaining that the players will be alone, there will be solitude, but they will still try to connect with someone. In short, everyone will be connected, both in gameplay and in history, and will be the key to the game. The same importance will have the disconnection: “Is it right to connect or is it better to disconnect?” will be the questions that the author wants the players to place themselves, not only as regards the video game, but also life itself. Kojima did not want to go any further to avoid irritating Sony but said that the game will emotionally involve the players until they cry.

The author finally told of having turned to Hollywood actors because creating a game entirely in computer graphics, he might have had equally perfect acting, but limited to the idea that he himself had in mind. Actual actors, on the other hand, are able to add something of their own and unpredictably to acting, which often surprised them positively.

Kojima then closed the intervention declaring that he wanted to play games for life and that we will probably know more about video games in a month. Meanwhile, the title remains without a release date, so much so that many bets on the arrival of Death Stranding also on PS5. What do you think of his words? What do you expect from Death Stranding?