Fire Emblem Three Houses: Lots Of News On The Protagonist, Plot And Difficulty!

Fire Emblem Three Houses

During Nintendo Direct in February, the Kyoto House released a new Fire Emblem Three Houses Trailer, revealing a lot of information about the title.

Now, thanks to coverage made by Famitsu, interesting details emerge on different aspects of the game. Among these stand out some information on the narrative incipit that will characterize Fire Emblem: Three Houses. As reported, in fact, our videogame alter-ego will find itself doing the same mysterious dream several times, during which images of violent battles follow, after which a strange girl appears. Mercenary soldier, the protagonist will find himself, on a seemingly common day, defending a group of young people attacked by bandits. And it is on this occasion that, in danger of his life, he will be saved precisely by the appearance of the mysterious dream girl: Sothis. This, using its own ” rewind time ” powers, will help the protagonist, only to disappear mysteriously. Following this story, the group of young people turns out to be constituted by the three future leaders of the three great regions of the game world, Fodlan. Recognizing our skills as a fighter we will be invited to play the role of teacher at the prestigious Academy they attended.

Interesting details also on some gameplay features. Players can freely choose whether to impersonate a male or female protagonist. The levels of difficulty proposed are also different: normal or difficult. You can also choose between two different game modes :

  • Casual: will allow reviving the fallen allies in battle;
  • Classic: will exclude this possibility.

Recall that Fire Emblem: Three Houses will debut on Nintendo Switch next July 26th. The Kyoto House also recently confirmed its intention to broadcast a Nintendo Direct E3 2019.