Fortnite: In Season 9 The Sound Sector Will Be Fixed


We are now at the penultimate week of Fortnite Battaglia Reale’s Season 8 and the arrival of the much awaited Season 9 is getting closer. Although the details of contents and events that are unknown to us in the coming weeks, Epic Games has decided to provide the first info on the improvements coming for the sound sector.

Here are all the problems that emerged with the last update, which will be solved with the next patch:

  • Audio enhancements when you are inside player-created structures
  • Sound diffusion when in a small building
  • The noise produced by the breaking of a wall
  • Listening to the steps of players who are outside a structure
  • Improvements to sounds related to jumping and landing
  • A jump sound will make bunny-hopping not so quiet
  • It will be easy to guess when a player lands in our neighborhood
  • Some sounds will no longer come from outside the player’s field of view
  • Distant and neighboring sounds related to hanging gliding will be more recognizable
  • The impact of the bullets and the explosions will be improved
  • Longer sounds will be reproduced correctly during replays
  • Changing audio playback devices will no longer cause problems
  • The sound of one’s companions and that of the enemies can be more easily distinguished

In short, it seems that there are many new things coming and will undoubtedly improve the players’ experience.

Waiting to find out more about Season 9, we remind you that according to a leak Pinnacles Pendants and Corso Commercio will be razed to the ground by a huge rock of volcanic origin. The Avengers Endgame timed event is also active and the Black Widow skin can be purchased.