GTA Online: New Missions, GTA $ Double For Special Cargo Sales And Much More

GTA Online

The new GTA Online update has arrived, offering us the usual avalanche of new things to do and bonuses of various kinds. Simeon’s new Premium Deluxe recovery missions are available: just go to its dealership, accept them via your iFruit or search for missions in the Activity menu.

Thanks to the mysterious disappearance of Simeon’s old accomplices, the Premium Deluxe recovery missions earn double rewards throughout the week. 

In ” Awarded! “, Simeon has received word that La Mesa police will hold an auction of seized vehicles. They are vehicles stolen once, so stealing them again won’t do anyone any harm, right? Recover the cars for your favorite Armenian dealer and you will receive a fantastic reward. 

In ” Explosion IV“, there is a rival dealer who sells at lower prices than those of Simeon. But Mr. Yetarian always has an ace up his sleeve: this particular ace works in the competition warehouse and has” forgotten “to lock up for At night, go to the car warehouse and get rid of them in exchange for a nice sum. 

In ” Sasquatchato “, there is an Arena War show right outside the Maze Bank Arena. Simeon wants you to steal the exposed monster trucks and go and find a couple of old friends, there will 
also be double GTAs on all special cargo sales, 

prepare and head to one of the icons of the challenge series of Arena at La Puerta and enter to participate in a list of Arena War mode games that are on offer GTA $ and RP double. 

Smash your miniature vehicle and take part in one of the 15 RC Bandit races to get double rewards until May 1st. 

If you are a fan of classic curves, show your passion for vintage engines by playing at any time during this week to unlock the Albany vintage t-shirt. 

If you purchased an MC clubhouse during this week you will be rewarded with 250,000 GTA $, which will be deposited into your Maze Bank account within 48 hours. 
If you already have a clubhouse you will receive the bonus in GTA $ when you log in to GTA Online by May 2nd. 

Five of the most lethal Arena War vehicles they are available for purchase at a 30% discount, and a 40% discount is also available on the Arena workshop, renovations and related additions to better calibrate your new destruction tools.

  • Annis ZR380 – 30% discount
  • HVY Scarab – 30% discount
  • MTL Cerberus – 30% discount
  • Vapid Imperator – 30% discount
  • Declasse Brutus – 30% discount
  • Arena workshop – 40% discount
  • Restructuring and additions of the Arena workshop – 40% discount

Finally, here is the list of the premium races of the week:

  • April 25: Wiwang Park (for sports only)
  • From April 26th to 30th: High-speed congestion (only for supercars)
  • From 1st to 2nd May: At the Hippodrome (only for off-road vehicles)