Nintendo Confirms Direct On The Occasion Of E3 2019

Nintendo Direct

Nintendo confirmed during an investor briefing that it will hold a video presentation at E3 2019 again this year, rather than a live conference. In practice, there will be a Nintendo Direct dedicated to the Los Angeles event.

According to the statements, Nintendo Direct of E3 2019 will be dedicated to games whose release is scheduled between June 2019 and March 30, 2020, so presumably, if we know more about different titles coming out at that time.

La Grande N has stopped conducting live conferences at the event since 2013, preferring instead the Direct format, which was later adopted by other companies, which alternate conferences with live streaming and pre-recorded content.

Given that Sony will be absent from E3 2019, this year’s event will be a little different from usual, and there will only be Microsoft and Nintendo as console producers, and it will, therefore, be they who will compete for the spotlight. In particular, many bets on a reveal of the new Xbox or at least a first teaser of the new generation of consoles, just for the fair. Even EA has abandoned the event in favor of EA Play, the publisher’s personal event.

The date of Nintendo Direct E3 2019 has not yet been revealed: stay “tuned” on our pages to learn more.