Nintendo: Pokemon Sword And Shield Will Enhance Switch’s Portable Mode

Pokemon Sword

Pokemon Sword and Shield were officially presented to the public during the Pokemon Direct held during February of this year. Recently, the President of Nintendo was able to offer some comments on the new iterations of the franchise.

In commenting on the line-up of games waiting on the flagship console of the Kyoto House, in fact, Shuntaro Furukawa highlighted some elements linked to the development of the two titles. In particular, the President of the Grande N pointed out that the publication of Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee and Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu was able to highlight the potential linked to the TV mode of the hybrid console. In contrast, ” Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield were developed to emphasize the fun of playing on Nintendo Switch laptop mode .” 

Furukawa has also highlighted how the announcement of the two games has found a great response from consumers. With Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield, it is emphasized, aims to involve not only long-time fans of the series but also all those users who have had their first videogame contact with the brand through the two games debuted on Nintendo Switch last November.

To date, Pokemon Sword and Scudo lack a precise publication date but are expected on Nintendo Switch during the last months of 2019. Pending more information on the two new chapters of the Game Freak saga.