Overwatch World Cup 2019: Revolution At Blizzard, With Some Doubts

Overwatch World Cup 2019

The Overwatch World Cup will be back again this year and will be as usual hosted at Blizzard, California, during the unmissable BlizzCon convention. This year the format seems to change again: the entire tournament will take place in Anaheim, California, as we said during the BlizzCon 2019 week.

The top ten teams of the highest level according to the performances obtained during the past editions will have travel and accommodation covered entirely by Blizzard, while all other countries that wish to participate ” will be considered fully autonomous for their trip and will receive support for the hotels“, as stated in the presentation.

Last year, the group stage of the competition took place in four different host countries: France, South Korea, Thailand, and the United States.

Only the final phase took place at BlizzCon. Therefore some doubts arise about the choice of this year.

The previous editions of the World Cup were used for the Overwatch League and Contenders franchises to recruit some of the best players on the planet.

Now, however, due to this ” barrier to entry ” the players belonging to the less fortunate or insight national teams risk to be closed off a large showcase to show off and play the dream of landing in the major series.