Playstation Now: The Number Of Subscribers Is Constantly Growing

Playstation Now

The PlayStation Now subscription service, available in Italy only a few weeks ago, has actually arrived in the rest of the world for the past five years. However, the success of the service is only coming recently and, despite the number of subscribers not making a miracle, its growth is constant and promises very well.

Currently, there are 700,000 users with an active subscription to the service and the growth rate of this number is 40% per year. In short, the data bodes well for the future and with the right support from the Japanese giant, we could soon see the arrival of major titles in the catalog. To confirm the start of the success it was probably the arrival of the possibility to download most of the catalog titles to your console, in a very similar way to what you saw with Microsoft and its increasingly rich Xbox Game Pass. According to what was stated in a post on ResetEra, it also seems that Sony intends to discuss strategies to be implemented with PlayStation Now starting next month.

Waiting to find out more details about upcoming content, we remind you that among the new items in April, there are Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and WRC 5.