Rage 2: A Video Shows Us All The Follies We Can Do In The Game

Rage 2

In the last hours, Bethesda has published a brand new RAGE 2 trailer that allows us to admire all the possibilities offered by this crazy open world shooter with a subjective view.

In addition to serving as an introduction to the history of the game, the video shows us what activities the player can get lost in between missions. In addition to providing users with a wide range of weapons and a completely explorable world, it will also be possible to participate in various secondary activities such as onboard vehicle races, Monster Bash TV fights, interactions with crazy NPCs and much more.

Before leaving you to the short movie, which lasts only 2 and a half minutes, we remind you that RAGE 2 will arrive on the shelves of all stores starting next May 14 in the following versions: PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC (Bethesda.net and Steam ). According to the developers, the only console versions that will be able to guarantee 60fps on RAGE 2 will be those for PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X.