Rainbow Six Siege: Rewards To Those Who Help The Team Find The Bugs


Last year, the Rainbow Six Siege team launched R6Fix, an initiative aimed at gathering player feedback. Since then, as many as 7,000 reports have been collected. The team has now decided to go further, inaugurating the Bug Hunter program, designed to reward players who help improve the state of the game.

The operation is quite simple: all you have to do is report any problems encountered on the test server via the R6Fix portal. Once you receive your report, the CQ team will check the bug and try to reproduce it; if the operation is successful, it will be marked as Recognized. All problems must be described in English and have attached documentation (screenshots and videos). Only the first person to report the recognized bug will receive credit for rewards.

Once the threshold of 3 or more reports marked as a recognized problem has been reached, players will receive a special prize, namely the Frost pendant called “Legs from Raptor” (in memory of a known and historic bug). The rewards are distributed every Friday, and new ones will be added in the future. The Bug Hunter program is now active on the test servers and will be until further notice. Reports received before April 25 will not be considered.

Rainbow Six Siege is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.