Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission Free Demo And Update Available


Bandai Namco has announced that a demo of Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission is now available, which will allow everyone to try the game for free and to discover the beginning of the Story Mode, some free missions designed specifically for the demo and give a look at the creation of the cards.

Also from today, a free update of the game is also available, which includes 16 new cards that add new combos and strategies to the game. Here in detail the cards in question:

12 cards from the movie Dragon Ball Super: Broly

  • UM5-054 Vegeta : BR (SSGSS)
  • UM6-050 Goku : BR (SSGSS)
  • UM5-068 Broly : BR (Fury, Battle Suit)
  • UM6-052 Vegeta : BR (SSG)
  • UM5-059 Bulma : BR (Snowsuit)
  • UM5-061 Gine : BR
  • UM5-063 King Cold : BR
  • UM6-058 Bardock : BR
  • UM6-065 Broly : BR (Normal, Damaged suit)
  • UM6-068 Cheelai : BR
  • UM6-067 Lemo : BR
  • UM5-065 Nappa : BR

4 new SR cards

  • UMPW-01: Goku: Zeno (SS4)
  • UMPW-02: Vegeta: Zeno (SS4)
  • UMPW-03: Trunks: Future (SS1) (Prison Suit)
  • UMPW-04: Sealas (Normal)

In short, a good opportunity to try the game, before deciding on a possible purchase, as well as a confirmation of the rumors about the arrival of Broly in the Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission, which had begun to speak already a few weeks ago.

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