The Success Of Apex Legends Is Delaying The Development Of Titanfall 3

Apex Legends

Respawn has announced the arrival of Season 2 of Apex Legends, which will bring several new features to the game. The Battle Royale turned out to be an unexpected success for the software house, as stated by Vince Zampella himself, who promised that Respawn will improve communication with users.

The huge success of the game meant that more and more players were asking for news and information on Apex Legends , which Respawn often failed to satisfy, having found itself unprepared. It is probably also in this sense that the statements of a few hours ago should be interpreted, again on the part of Vince Zampella , according to which it was unfortunately necessary to postpone the works on Titanfall to concentrate on the Battle Royale .

“To fully support Apex Legends, we have to postpone plans for the upcoming Titanfall games. No resources from the Apex Legends team will be moved to work on other studio titles, nor will people be relocated from the Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order team.”

In practice there are two separate Respawn teams working on the two games, so for the moment, there is no room for other titles. In truth, this does not directly mean that Titanfall 3 has been postponed, as there has not yet been any official announcement regarding the game. Zampella, however, had stated that there would be news coming up regarding the series. At this point, however, we will have to wait a little longer.

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