Yo-Kai Watch 4 On Nintendo Switch: Level 5 Released The Video Of The Initial Kinematics


With the Japanese debut of Yo-Kai Watch 4 on Nintendo Switch approaching, Level 5’s development team has decided to show the public an exciting new video!

In particular, the software house of the Rising Sun has published a new Trailer that shows me the cinematic opening of the new chapter of the saga. Accompanied by a rhythmic soundtrack, the video introduces some of the characters, settings, and creatures that gamers can find inside Yo-Kai Watch 4. Currently, the video is unfortunately only available in Japanese, but his vision it is however very interesting: you can, therefore, find it directly at the opening of this news!

We also remind you that, quite recently, Level 5 has provided the first indications on the release date Yo-Kai Watch 4. In particular, the game will debut in Japan next June 6, exclusively on Nintendo Switch. Unfortunately, no information has yet been formalized regarding the publication of the game in the countries of the Old Continent. Are you curious to see the saga in action for the first time on the Kyoto House’s hybrid console?