2018 Was the Best Year in PlayStation History in Terms of Revenues

PlayStation 2018

The latest financial results of Sony Interactive Entertainment presented very positive data for the fiscal year ended March 31 last year, with PlayStation 4 at 96.8 million for consoles distributed by the launch and record numbers for software sales.

According to a Critical Hit report, it appears that in 2018 alone the company generated more revenues than the entire PlayStation 2 era, undoubtedly a particularly fortunate generation for the Japanese company.

In fact, 2018 was the best year ever for PlayStation in terms of profits, Sony’s gaming division alone generated $ 21 billion in revenue, more than doubling the 2013 record ($ 10.42 billion), PS4 launch year. The PlayStation hardware generated 3.84 billion dollars in sales, an incredible number if we think that in the entire PS2 generation Sony has gained from hardware 2.22 billion dollars while in the PS1 era 3.03 billion dollars.

The numbers of the software were also positive, with sales of $ 9.94 billion in 2018 alone, a figure that includes not only physical sales but also profits from PlayStation Store and services such as PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now.