Apex Legends: A New Skin For Bloodhound Is Available

Apex Legends Bloodhound

Once again the Apex Legends object store has been updated with a couple of contents never seen before and, among these, including a legendary Bloodhound costume and a camouflage, always legendary, for the fast G7 Scout sniper rifle.

Here are all the items for sale for the next few hours in the store:

  • Plague doctor, the legendary costume of Bloodhound – 1.800 Apex Coin
  • Raven Shadow, legendary costume of Bloodhound – 10.500 Legend Token (requires Plague Doctor)
  • Private justice, legendary camouflage for the G7 Scout sniper rifle – 1.800 Apex Coin
  • Secret plan, legendary camouflage for the G7 Scout sniper rifle – 10.500 Legend Token (requires Private Justice)
  • Galvanizer, legendary camouflage for the Alternator submachine gun – 1.800 Apex Coin
  • Demolisher, legendary camouflage for the Peacekeeper shotgun – 1.800 Apex Coin

As usual, we remind you that the only game currency that can be accumulated in a completely free way is the Legend Token (red tokens, those used to buy new heroes). To get Apex Coins instead you will have to resort to microtransactions and, if you are in possession of the season pass, you will be able to recover 1,000 coins in the long climb to level 100.

Did you know that Respawn could introduce new game modes with the arrival of Season 2 of Apex Legends? It also appears that the official announcement of the next season will take place at the EA Play.