Borderlands 3: The Gameplay Reveal Of Gearbox In Two Days

Borderlands 3 Gameplay

After the announcement of Borderlands 3 by Gearbox, fans of the famous saga have seen their hype increase dramatically as shown, the number of weapons and the recognizable imprint of the series that we will also find in its third chapter.

Luckily there was not much to wait for to know some more information on the game, given that already in the presentation Gearbox had promised that on May 1 the first gameplay reveal of the game would arrive. The moment has practically arrived since, to date, there are two days left and we will finally see the long-awaited videogame, and we will be able to make our first idea of ​​how it works when there are five months to go.

At 19 Italian on Wednesday, then, by connecting to the channel Twitch of Borderlands or the official website of the game, it will be shown on Borderlands 3 gameplay. It is not clear at the moment how long the movie will last, nor exactly what will be shown, but Gearbox has already stated that all the most common questions from fans will be answered. There will, therefore, be information on the new hunters of the crypt, the loot, the interplanetary journey and so on.

The most interesting statement, however, concerns the fact that according to the software house, the most famous streamer will stream the game immediately after the reveal. There are no details about it, but it is, therefore, possible that the studio has provided some copies of the early access version of the game to some Internet personalities in order to start talking about it.

Whatever it is, the day after tomorrow we will know more. You are ready?