Days Gone: How To Earn Money (Credits) Quickly

Days Gone Earn Money

After showing you where to find gasoline for your bike, in this Days Gone mini-guide, we will explain how to earn credits (the in-game currency of the game) as quickly as possible, helping you get more powerful weapons and better equip yourself during the adventure.

Before proceeding with our advice, it is important to remember that the number of credits you have available will be exclusive for each camp. If you have obtained 8,000 credits in Copeland’s shelter, for example, you can only spend it within this specific camp. Once you enter a new shelter and want to shop on the spot, then, you will have to regain your credits from scratch.

Below we list the best activities to complete to earn credits in Days Gone.


Dedicating oneself to bounties is not the most effective way to earn credits, but by completing them you will receive a trophy “ear” for every Freaker killed. Deliver the trophy to the size provider to increase your confidence level in the relevant camp, so as to earn some credits in the process.

Since Freaker’s ears are only used to gain trust and credit, always remember to hand them over to receive your rewards. A good way to accumulate them is to invest the Freakers with the bike (paying attention to the integrity of the vehicle) since Deacon can pick up the ears even while driving.

Hunting and gathering

You will be rewarded with credits even if you bring meat and plants to a camp kitchen. Wildlife can be found throughout the game world, and you can hunt at any time to get meat. In addition, the plants are scattered all over the place. Some of these are used for crafting, but you can still donate them to the camp to get more credits and trust.

Camp missions

This is probably the best way to earn a large number of credits in Days Gone. From time to time, camp leaders will contact you by radio to tell you that they have a new job available. Usually, these missions are relatively short and require freeing a camp from marauders, killing a target or investigating within an area. Complete them, and you will be rewarded with a great deal of trust for that camp, along with a considerable amount of credits.