Days Gone Is Updated to Version 1.05: All the New Features of the Patch

Days Gone Update

Sony Bend Studio has released a new Days Gone patch in the past few hours, this update brings the game to version 1.05 and presents various technical improvements and bug fixes and problems reported by players.

The 1.05 update improves the framerate and the general stability of the game by correcting some minor bugs and graphics glitches, besides the annoying bug that could cause the disappearance of the audio should have been solved, the changelog diffused by the developers is however rather generic and does not go down in detail about the improvements actually made by this patch, a simple maintenance “Minor Update”, to smooth out some defects and problems reported in the first days of availability on the market.

For new Days Gone content we will have to wait until June when Bend Studio will publish a substantial update containing Survival and Weekly Challenges, whose functioning is not yet clear, although the team has assured to ” have several challenges planned with different objectives to ensure that the community is involved as much as possible. “

Days Gone was released last April 26 exclusively on PS4 and PlayStation 4 PRO.