Days Gone Meets The Last Of Us In A Beautiful Illustration

Days Gone The Last Of Us

The world of Days Gone and that of The Last of Us certainly have some traits in common: the two exclusive PlayStations are in fact set in a world now desolate, decayed and populated by terrible creatures, while the player is committed to fleeing not only from these but also from other surviving humans.

The similarities between the two games must not have escaped the eye of the well-known artist on Instagram as @dantefitts, who has in fact created a fanciful illustration that unites the protagonists of both the popular video games, Deacon and Joel and Ellie with the latter who they even prepared a cake with a motorcycle as decoration.

The image was then also taken up by the German division of PlayStation, which in turn shared it on its social profiles, accompanied by a caption that gave the “welcome to the family” to Deacon himself.

The game from Sony Bend is available exclusively from PlayStation 4 from last week.

The Last of Us is a much-loved title from Naughty Dog, which is about to receive a sequel. According to some, The Last of Us Part 2 could arrive by 2019.