Days Gone: Quick Travel Guide, How To Unlock It And How Much It Costs

days gone travel guide

To move around in the world of Days Gone you will often rely on your bike, but in some cases, you will need to cover large distances in a few moments. To do this you can use the Quick Journey: in this mini-guide, we explain how to unlock it, how much it costs, and how to use it to the fullest.

Below we explain how to use the Quick Journey and how to make it available throughout the Days Gone map.

How to use the Quick Journey in Days Gone

Going around the world of Days Gone with your bike is an exhilarating experience. If you need to cover large distances in a short time, however, you should use the Quick Travel system. Here’s how it works:

  • Open the map and select the quick travel point where you want to go.
  • Under each option, you will see the fuel cost and the time jump that will occur after the quick journey. The cost of gasoline and the length of the time jump will increase with the distance of the destination.
  • To make the quick journey you will need at least the minimum amount of fuel required.
  • You will also need to be near your bike or your bed.

Restore energy to BLACK checkpoints

In addition to being able to move quickly through all the camps on the map, you will be able to unlock other quick travel points by completing the BLACK checkpoints. Once you have restored the energy supply to a BLACK checkpoint, you will be able to reach it at any time with the rapid journey.

Eliminate enemy infestations

One problem that you might encounter when trying to travel fast in Days Gone is that nearby infestations will block certain sites. You will have to eliminate them to unlock the fast travel points nearby, so a good rule is to clean up enemy nests whenever you meet them during the exploratory stages.

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