Death Stranding: Kojima Announces That The New Trailer Will Arrive In A Month

Death Stranding Kojima

During the Tribeca Film Festival, Hideo Kojima was able to discuss Death Stranding in the company of Geoff Keighley and Norman Reedus, the actor made famous by the role of Daryl Dixon in The Walking Dead and who will play the role of Sam, protagonist of the game.

During the interview, there was a talk not only of the game mechanics but also of the possible arrival of a new trailer. At the end of the event, in fact, Kojima said he was sorry he could not show more and that within a month something new will be shown. Unfortunately, it is not clear if this is a new trailer or a gameplay movie, particularly expected by fans, and we will have to wait a few more weeks to find out. Given the absence of Sony at E3 2019, it is also possible that the Japanese giant is organizing an event dedicated to its exclusives for the month of June. It could indeed be the perfect opportunity to show the game once again and, why not, officially unveil PlayStation 5, of which we already know the first details.

We remind you that always during the interview it emerged that Death Stranding will be an open-world different from the usual. According to some rumors, it is not to be excluded that Death Stranding can arrive on PC. At the moment it seems the game’s release is scheduled on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.