Fortnite Australian Open

Fortnite Australian Open: Over Four Months The Scandal Of Missed Payments Bursts

A scandal seems to have broken out a few months after the event dedicated to Fortnite organized at the Australian Tennis Open some time ago.

In particular, Epic Games would not have paid a portion of the agreed prize pool to some players who took part in the tournament.

The event, we remember, took place from 26th to 27th January and had a prize pool of around $ 500,000. The complaint was presented by a player with several supporting evidence in a Reddit post.

The main prosecutor states that it is him and that twenty other players have not yet received payment for their placement at the event. The complainant explained that the players concerned, in total, should have had ” over 100,000 dollars “.

Based on the official rules created and implemented by Epic Games, payments must be made within the 90 days following the event. Attempts to contact Epic Games seem to have resulted in a hole in the water, as the company has even declared that it did not sponsor the event.

However, tournament information provided to the same players says the opposite. Not to mention the fact that Epic Games has advertised Fortnite AO also through its social media.

Also, what seems even stranger, is that other players apparently were paid directly by Epic Games. Epic Games has not released any official statement at the time.

We look forward to hearing about further developments in the matter.

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