Fortnite: Tfue Manages To Qualify For The World Cup

Fortnite Tfue

One of the most famous Fortnite players in the world has finally qualified for the richest competitive event ever: the Fortnite World Cup.

Turner “Tfue” Tenney of FaZe Clan, player, and streamer among the most followed in the world after Ninja, he secured his place in the “Solo” competition of the Fortnite World Cup finals.

The boy, therefore, after having explicitly declared that he will end his experience with Fortnite, will participate in the 30 million events to be held in New York from 26 to 28 July. The weekend just ended was the third one dedicated to open qualifications online, as well as the second week to host the Solo mode qualifiers.

Tfue played very well yesterday, winning some games and accumulating 69 points, easily reaching the top spot in this weekend’s North American qualifying bracket.

Now that Tfue has earned its place in the Solo section of the Fortnite World Cup finals, it could also try to qualify for the Duo competition with partner Dennis “Cloak” Lepore.

Despite the criticisms rained down on several sides about the state of Epic Games battle royale, the title seems to enjoy great participation in the events. I wonder if the prize pool has something to do with it.